Teresa Longo

Teresa Longo is a faculty member in Modern Languages and Literatures and the  Dean for Educational Policy at the College of William and Mary. She teaches  Local/Global Issues, Masterworks, Issues in Mexican Culture and Urban Images. She works on the relationship between Latin America and the United States as it is articulated and negotiated through culture.  Longo is the editor of Pablo Neruda and the US Culture Industry. Her current book project is called Visible Dissent.

Cien años again

This is a study of how storytelling works and why it matters in response to the crisis of history.  García Márquez’ Cien años de soledad is the centerpiece for this discussion.

Visible Dissent

Visible Dissent explores the role  small publishing houses and poetry festivals play in making dissent public.  The ”teaser” is posted here: see the comments.


          What does it mean to keep faith with poetry, to link art with activism? What is social justice? What is poetic justice? How are these issues addressed locally in Virginia, Washington, Willimantic, Medellin, Isla Negra, Chicago and along the US Mexico border? What role does globalization play? These are the questions Hispanic Studies faculty and students are answering in their research and their poetry. Some of our work is posted here. Click on comments to read it.

 Students:  If you are interested in publishing a poem here, please contact me at tvlong@wm.edu.


The comments:

Longo, Teresa . “A Poet’s Place … from Macchu Picchu to a Starbuck’s Parking Lot.”

Goergen, Juana and Silvia Tandeciarz. “Reconquista / Reconquest.”

Ressler, Robert. “Untitled.”

Corcoran, Kristen. “Machu Picchu is Closed Today.”

Russell, Mary. “why I should have listened to mom and majored in computer science.”

Urban Images

What is the connection between urban space and political mobilization? What role do the youth of a city play in the negotiation of urban identity? What role is played by public intellectuals, journalists, photographers and novelists? These are questions the faculty and the students in Hispanic Studies 390/Literary and Cultural Studies 401 are answering in their Fall 2008 class discussions and their research projects.  See the comments.

Students: If you are interested in publishing an essay on Bogota or New York, please contact me at tvlong@wm.edu.

Global Cities I: Mexico

Longo, Teresa.  “Blame it on the Mini Skirt: Fashion, Language and Revolution in Mexico.”

Rizzo, Sam.  “El fracaso triste de la memoria: la lucha libre y el fantasma en Amorosos fantasmas.

Griffin, Lisa.  “Urban Space as a Battleground for National Identity.”

Polo, Flavia.  “La respuesta de los intelectuales a la masacre de Tlatelolco.”

Global Cities II:  Bogota … (forthcoming)

Global Cities III:  New York … (forthcoming)